Helpful Links to other Laurel and Hardy websites

There are many Laurel and Hardy-related links on the internet that will help you find out everything you would ever want to know about The Boys. Here are just a few of the ones “The Chimp Tent” visits on a regular basis: – This is the official home for information about “The Sons of the Desert,” the international Laurel and Hardy Appreciation Society. – Home of the Intra-Tent Journal and the voice of the International Laurel and Hardy Appreciation Society, The Sons of the Desert! By becoming an official member of “The Chimp Tent”, you will receive four (4) issues of the ITJ per year. – This is the home of the Los Angeles chapter of the International Laurel and Hardy Appreciation Society. Informative web site featuring the popular “Tent Search” engine whereby you can locate Sons of the Desert tents all over the world either by name or location! – Here is a fun website dedicated to providing a wide selection of screenshots taken from the films of Laurel & Hardy, both as a team and in their individual film careers. Although it is still under construction, the goal is to make this Laurel and Hardy site the most definitive of its kind with screenshots from every single film. This site is currently undergoing installs and updates and is far from complete, so at present there is still a limited amount of info and film data available. However, be sure to check back to this site often, and you will enjoy it very much. – “Online forum from Scotland, where you can post a question or message and other fans of Laurel and Hardy will share information they have with you.” A wonderful site encompassing all aspects of discussion, photos, announcements, and more related to Laurel and Hardy. – The official archive of the Hal Roach Studios. This is a fantastic site to view still photos from Laurel and Hardy movies. – The Crazy World of Laurel and Hardy: “This user-friendly and non-profit making site is devoted to keeping the memories of these two wonderful comedians alive, for the enjoyment and education of the general public, and should be viewed in that spirit.” Information is available in the form of gallery photos, collectors’ items, audio files, biographies, and much more. – Information about the Laurel and Hardy Museum in Ulverston, UK (Stan’s birthplace). – Information about the Laurel and Hardy Museum in Harlem, Georgia, USA (Ollie’s birthplace). – Laurel and Hardy: The Official Website. This nice site has loads of information on The Boys’ films, supporting casts, has downloads, and a lot of good information. – News about Laurel and Hardy-related activities from all over the world, including tent meetings, photos, and much more. – Here is an interesting newsfeed/discussion group whose members post new and current information on Laurel and Hardy-related news items from around the world. Take a look, join the group, and spread any ‘new’ news about the boys to the four corners of the globe. – Bowler Dessert Online: The place to go for all UK-related Laurel and Hardy information and events. – Here is a very nice site featuring articles, commentaries, and synopses of all The Boys’ movies and more. – The Laurel and Hardy Magazine: memorabilia, items for sale, photo galleries, articles, and more. – Our sister chapter “The Perfect Day” tent in Columbus, Ohio, USA. – Features rare audio interviews with Laurel and Hardy-related individuals, tent postings, and encourages submissions on all film topics from those interested in The Boys. The site is dedicated to “promoting communication among those who love Stan and Ollie and to continue the tradition of preserving material related to them.” – Here is a delightful site that has posted many of Stan Laurel’s letters and correspondence to friends and acquaintances through the years. You can learn a lot about who Stan the “man” really was, and begin to appreciate his gentleness and humor all the more. – The website of the “Another Fine Mess” tent of Northern Ireland, Oasis # 248. NOTE: This tent publishes a FREE online magazine for those who simply sign up to be members! You can easily sign up for this free membership by filling out the convenient online application form that is available at – Here is the web site for the noted and award-winning UK artist L.K. Southward. In addition to drawing the fabulous logo pictured on our Chimp Tent web site home, history, and links pages, Lucy Kathryn Southward has lent her wonderful artistic talents to producing many unique drawings of The Boys. She will even prepare a customized drawing for you (or your tent) as your needs arise!