The Chimp Tent, Oasis #279 of The Sons of the Desert, the international Laurel & Hardy appreciation society, is the Cincinnati, Ohio, chapter founded in December 2008 by Grand Sheik Emeritus Gene Sorkin. Current Grand Sheik Jeff Suess now oversees the chaos and our dear mascot, “Ethel.” About six times a year, we get together to watch the movies of the great comedy duo of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, along with their contemporaries at the Hal Roach Studios, such as Our Gang and Charley Chase, plus Harold Lloyd, Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin, share some laughs and share the love of the great film comedy masters.


You’ve seen the wonderful talents of Laurel and Hardy. Here’s the opportunity to become an official member of their community. By becoming a member of “The Chimp Tent” of The Sons Of The Desert, you will not only guarantee yourself opportunities to attend regular screenings of The Boys, but you will be helping to preserve their legacy. I hope you will consider joining our group. All that’s left now is to choose your yearly membership option:

ETHEL’S FAMILY SPECIAL $40.00: One-year official family membership including all meetings (4-6 times/year), 4 issues of The Intra-Tent Journal, and obviously lots of prestige.

DESTRUCTO’S DEAL $25.00: One-year official individual membership including all meetings (4-6 times/year), 4 issues of The Intra-Tent Journal, and you still get the prestige.

THE CHIMP-SKATE – FREE! Don’t care to become an official member? OK, but it’s YOUR loss! $6 per meeting charge will apply with no subscription to the ITJ.

Send name(s), address, email, and phone, along with payment via cash or check, to:

Jeff Suess, Grand Sheik, The Chimp Tent, 5846 Farlook Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45247.

Thanks for your interest & continued participation with The Chimp Tent. We couldn’t do it without you.